"Grüezi - Well, that's how we typically say hello and greet everyone in the German side of Switzerland. Thank you for visiting us and welcome to Swissväl. Swissväl is a typical valley found in the Swiss Alps and we have used the natural beauty of the valley as the core essence of our products. We source the finest, hand-picked ingredients and botanicals from around the world to give a unique taste and a fine drinking experience. By infusing the fine ingredients with pure glacier water sourced from Mt Titlis, a unique taste is guaranteed which stays etched in your memory for a long time. Schönheit - It's a German word that defines beauty, elegance, luxury and we strive hard to bring the perfect blend of beauty and elegance, not just on the exterior but also in every single drop of all our products which are handmade and with love. Pröschtli (cheers!)"


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